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Understanding the Law

It is the mission of the Port Hope Police Service to serve and protect the citizens within our municipality and this can be partly achieved through education. We are all affected by the laws of our Country, Province and Municipality.  It is important to us that everyone understands the Laws, how to abide by them and what to do if you are facing an issue or concern when you are the victim of someone breaking the law.

This section of our website covers the daily issues members of the public encounter when they are dealing with issues such as family breakdowns, housing/ rental discord and or general interactions with other members of the community.  Understanding the rules we all have to abide by goes a long way in reducing stressful interactions with others in our daily lives including interactions with the Police. That it be questions about rules of the road, your rights as a landlord or tenant, your rights when a personal relationship comes to an end,  we have tried to gather some information you need to at least point you in the right direction in getting the right answer.

When you are involved in an incident, that it be as a victim, witness or accused, we have gathered information and links here to help you get a better understanding of the process and where you go moving forward.

If you are still unable to find the resources you were looking for and or can suggest further resources that could be posted here, please contact us at (905) 885-8123 or at resources@phps.on.ca.