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Home & Property

Getting to know your neighbours and becoming familiar with their routines can help the community keep each other safe. Leaving a set of keys and contact information with a trustworthy neighbour can help in an emergency. Get involved in crime prevention and community watch programs. Here are some more tips to help keep your most valuable asset, your home and property, safe.

When you are at home:

  • Keep your doors locked
  • If you are in your backyard, keep the front door locked and vice versa
  • Keep your blinds closed at night so people can't see inside

Keeping your property safe:

  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed
  • Maintain your yard to make your house look lived-in
  • Install motion-sensitive lights outside
  • Ensure your fence and gate are locked/ in good repair and install privacy slats in chain link fences
  • Put spiked plants around your yard and/or under windows to deter intruders

When you are away from home:

  • Use timers to turn on a few lights in rooms that are noticeable from outside
  • Arrange to have grass cut, snow removed, mail picked up or leaves raked
  • Arrange to have someone check the inside and outside of the house every few days and pick up deliveries
  • Ask a neighbour to park in your outside parking space