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This section of our website is geared towards helping businesses learn how they can prevent theft and crime while protecting their assets. It is far less expensive to prevent crime than it is to deal with crime after it occurs. On this page we offer a number of resources for further reading about what you can do to be proactive about your safety and the safety of our business.


Theft and burglary are serious problems for any company. Theft losses often place second only to fire losses in the amount of premium dollars that are paid out resulting from insurance claims.

What steps can you take to prevent theft?

  • Install a C.S.A./ U.L.C. listed alarm system
  • Store valuables in a safe
  • Improve lighting in and around your business
  • Put timers on your lights
  • Install deadbold locks
  • Install bars on windows
  • Lock your vehicle if it contains valuables/ store items in your vehicle's trunk
  • Participate in a "Neighbourhood Watch" program
  • Keep a car in the driveway
  • Keep the driveway and property maintained and clean

Theft Trucking

Truck, trailer and cargo theft is increasingly becoming a big problem in Ontario and Port Hope is no exception. Carriers with major cargo losses can also see their insurance prices increase, and hijackings endanger the lives of truck drivers. Cargo thefts do not just occur for traditional items like alcohol and computers, anything can be stolen.

The Ontario Trucking Association works with Crime Stoppers to prevent theft trucking, as well as joining forces with the American Trucking Association in its TIPS theft database program initiative. These initiatives deal with the crime of theft trucking after the fact.

Preventing Theft Trucking

  • Develop a corporate approach that everyone adopts
  • Keep information about cargo and movement secure
  • Think about preventative measures at terminal facilities and on the road
  • Screen employees (not just drivers) - employment records, criminal records
  • Develop policy to keep information about cargo/ value/ destination secure

For more detailed best practices, please read the Best Practices to Prevent Theft Trucking pamphlet (pdf) from the Ontario Trucking Association.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) believes that good design can lead to a reduction in fear and the incidences of crime, improving quality of life. CPTED concepts and principles serve the police well and are useful for businesses to know. More information: