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Port Hope Police Shoulder Crest

The origin of most badges goes back to medieval times of knights and heraldry. In addition to protection, Knights used their shields as a means of distinction and identification. This developed into the coats of arms, flags, and badges we know today.

Over the years, officers of the Port Hope Police Service have worn 4 different shoulder crests, or flashes. Prior to wearing crests, officers wore a steel pin with "Police" on their shoulder.

There are four components to the police crest. The ARMS (on the shield), CREST, MOTTO and SUPPORTERS. Each is described below:


The vertical blue band represents the Ganaraska River flowing through the gold of the land, symbolizing the wealth of the community. The female figure is the personification of Hope, one the seven virtues and an allusion to the Town's namesake. The anchor represents steadfastness, tranquillity and safety. The other anchors represent the maritime heritage and commerce of the town.


Above the shields is the helmet draped in fabric and surmounted by a rope-like wreath in the colours of the shield. A Circular, crenulated wall representing civic government and pierced with three ports, crown the helmet. The billowing sail recalls the early lake commerce and importance of the harbour. There is a small replica of the shield on the sale representing the spirit of community.


SPES ANCHORA TUTA: Hope, a sure anchor. The Latin motto (from the Biblical Epistle to the Hebrews 6.19) associates Hope with the safety of a secure anchorage and reflects verbally the symbols of the shield.


Two deer hold up the shield to view, representing the riches of the original landscape and beauty of Port Hope's natural setting. The deer stand on a compartment of the stone harbour rising above lake waters. The red, white and blue recall the Union Jack of the Loyalist era.