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Family Law

Family Law involves legal issues that can be dealt with in family court including:

  • Child custody/ access
  • Child protection and adoption
  • Division or equalization of family property
  • Divorce/ separation
  • Enforcing support payments
  • Family Justice Services
  • Family Support
  • Treatment of a matrimonial home


If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above and require more information, these resources can be helpful.

  • Your Legal Rights - Family Law Section - a website with information, resources and common questions covering legal topics from A - Z. Their Family Law section includes information about custody and access, child protection and support, marriage and common-law relationships and more.
  • Ministry of the Attorney General - Family Law Section - this website includes a booklet on what you should know about family law, access to Family Law Information Centres, and books and websites for adults and children facing issues such as separation, divorce, emotional and financial issues.