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Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC)

Payment Fees:




No charge. (MUST upload letter from the agency where you intend to volunteer)




The RCMP charges $25.00 for fingerprinting for employment and for

student purposes. The Port Hope Police Service charges $50.00 for a

grand total of $75.00

The Criminal Record Check will include the following information as the record exists on the date of the search:

·         Criminal convictions from CPIC and/or local databases.

Who requires fingerprints?
Fingerprints MAY be required for positive identification that a criminal record does or does not exist at the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records and/or for elimination purposes of a record suspension for the Vulnerable Sector.

For applicants who decline fingerprint submissions, the PCRC will indicate that the document is incomplete and no refunds will be issued.  

Please note that the timeline for receiving the results of your Record Check may be delayed if your record is complex and require further research.

Frequently Asked Questions

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