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Criminal Investigation Bureau

Our Criminal Investigation Bureay focuses on investigating crimes referred to us for further review from initial calls. We also conduct ongoing investigations of major crimes that require specific resources.

Officers in the Criminal Investigation Unit are not the officers you will see on uniformed patrol throughout the community. These officers generally wear plain/ civilian clothing and investigate major or complex investigations. The Criminal Investigation Unit also regularly support the Uniformed Patrol officers in their investigations.

The Unit is comprised of a Sgt and one Detective Constables.  The Service does have a Skills Augmentation Program , this program gives the opportunity for Uniformed Officers to rotate into the Unit after a certain time period.  

Our Criminal Investigation Bureau focuses on:

Crime Analysis - collection, tracking and analysis of information about crimes throughout Port Hope.

Cyber Crime - investigation into offences and complaints involving technology, computers and Internet, online child sexual exploitation and crimes against children.

Drug Unit Investigations - investigation into drug trafficking.

Fraud Investigations - investigation of incidents of major fraud.

General Investigations - specialized investigation into incidents of a serious nature (homicide, attempted murder, shootings, stabbings, sudden death, attempted murder, abductions or arson).

Intelligence Unit - collection and analysis of information about and actions of organized crime members and groups and their criminal activities. Conducted in partnership with municipal, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies.

Missing Person - investigation into missing youth and adult cases and Amber Alerts.

Proceeds of Crime Investigations - assistance to federal government agencies using the Civil Remedies Act to seize property.

Sexual Assault - ongoing sexual assault investigations resulting from sexual assault calls/ reports.

Sex Offender Registry - registration of sexual offenders (people who have been convicted of sexual assault offences, high-risk offenders and parolees).