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The Parent Scam" defrauds local Port Hope couple. Media Release 5th Dec 2017

"The Parent Scam" defrauds local Port Hope couple. Media Release 5th Dec 2017

Phone Scam Alert

A 67 year old Port Hope man was defrauded out of $1900.00 after falling victim to the “grandparent” or “parent” scam.  On the 4th of December the man received a call from an individual purporting to be a lawyer from Gatineau Quebec. The lawyer said the man’s son was involved in a motor vehicle collision and was being held in custody and he needed $1000.00 to have the son released. The man wired $1000.00 through Western Union.  A second call was received indicating that another $900.00 was required in order that the son does not go to jail. The man wired another transaction from a Western Union location in Cobourg.  A third call was received where the man was told more money was required or his son would be charged with manslaughter.  The wife of the man became suspicious and started asking questions. Another person then came on the phone who sounded like the couple’s son who was crying.   The woman stated she was going to call local Police who confirmed it was a fraud. 

Port Hope Police are warning residents to be vigilant about this scam and other phone scams that are being committed in the area like the CRA scam, computer repairman scam and other online and phones scams. For more information on scams vist the below site.