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Media Release 6th March 2018. Scams & Frauds

CRA Scam 

The Port Hope Police Service is continuing to warn the local public about the CRA scam.   Citizens have contacted the service to advise they are receiving phone messages on home and cellular phones indicating there is a “case” against them and to call a number to prevent being arrested.  Police advise this is a scam and not to call the number back.  The Canada Revenue Agency does not conduct business this way and will not phone you and threaten arrest. People with elderly family members are requested to make sure they are aware of this scam as well.

Computer Fraud.

A Port Hope woman is a victim of a computer fraud after she sought help on line.  On the 5th of March she contacted Port Hope Police after she gave permission to someone whom she thought was a technical assistant with Facebook.  She sought the number out on Google and when she called it she was advised it would cost her $5.00 to reset her password.  The caller convinced the woman to allow the man remote access and also convinced her to send a copy of her driver’s licence.  Later, the woman’s computer was locked down and someone money was removed from her account.  Bank Security personnel were able to secure her accounts and replace the funds.   Police are warning residence to be wary of fraudulent sites that depicted reputable organizations.  Usually passwords can be reset automatically by sending the new password to the email that is registered to the account.  Never allow unknown person(s) permission to have remote access to computers.