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Media Release 26 Jan 19. MVC(s) investigated. Scam Alert issued.



Port Hope Police have investigated 12 motor Vehicle collisions since January 10th. In two collisions charges have been laid.  On the 23rd of January a 19 year old male was charged after a collision occurred at the intersection of Marsh and Toronto. No injuries reported. The male was charged with passing on right not in safety after he passed a truck that was making a right turn. On the 25th of January a 65 year old Port Hope woman was charged with following too closely after a collision occurred on Toronto Rd. Both vehicles were southbound on Toronto road when the first vehicle stopped to turn into a private drive. The woman following collided into the rear end of the vehicle that was stopped. Two small children in the first vehicle were examined by paramedics for minor injuries.  The balance of MVC reported resulted in no charges being laid a bulk of them due to road/weather conditions.

Port Hope Police are warning residents to be aware of a "Readers Digest" Phone Scam. Two residents have received calls where the caller claiming to be a representative from Readers Digest saying they won a large amount of money and a new car.  They are advised to wire money to an address to release the awards. In one case a man did just that. In the second incident the woman hung up on the caller.  Police remind residents that if it sounds too good to be true it usually is a fraud and a scam and not to fall victim to such things.