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Media Release 7th July 19-18 July 19


Charges laid in four separate motor vehicle collisions

Between July 9th and July 12th Port Hope Police investigated 4 separate motor vehicle collisions that resulted in charges being filed under the Highway Traffic Act.

On the 9th of July shortly before 11:00am Police responded to a 3 vehicle collision at the intersection of Pine and Walton streets. Investigation revealed a 17 year old youth was driving northbound on Pine Street and stopped at the stop sign. The driver proceeded into the intersection into the path of a west bound vehicle. The vehicle collided into the northbound vehicle and then spun around striking another vehicle that was stopped southbound on Pine Street. The intersection was partially closed during the investigation. The driver of the northbound vehicle was taken to NHH and treated for minor injuries.  Damage to all vehicles was moderate. The 17 year old driver was charged with failing to yield to traffic and issued a provincial offences notice.

Ten minutes later Port Hope Police officers were dispatched to Toronto Rd and Jocelyn St for a collision in that intersection. Investigation revealed a driver was driving northbound on Toronto Rd and attempted to turn left at the intersection. The driver turned in front of a southbound vehicle resulting in a collision. Damage to both vehicles was extensive. The 80 year old driver was charged with improper turn.

On the 12th of July shortly before 6:00pm Port Hope Police responded to a collision on Peter Street outside the Peter Street Strip Mall. Investigation revealed that the driver was attempting to exit the mall and enter onto Peter Street to proceed west. As he drove into the street an eastbound vehicle collided into his vehicle. EMS responded but there were no reported injuries at the time. Both vehicles were severely damaged. A 25 year old Port Hope resident was charged with failing to yield to traffic from a private driveway.

At 11:30pm Port Hope Police responded to a collision on Sanders Dr. in Port Hope. Information was received that a 17 year old driver was driving northbound on the street and collided into a parked vehicle. Damage to both vehicles collectively was estimated in excess of $7500.00. One vehicle was towed from the scene. The driver was charged with failing to turn out to left to avoid a collision.

A good way to reduce crime is to reduce the opportunity for a crime to be committed.

On the 12th of July at 3:30pm Port Hope Police responded to a McCaul Street complex for a theft of an IPOD from an unlocked vehicle. Police were told that several vehicles in the complex were searched through which Police believe occurred during the night. Loose change was removed from the other vehicles. Port Hope Police remind residents to lock their vehicles when not in use.

Online Microsoft scam defrauds woman of money

An elderly Port Hope woman unfortunately has fallen victim to an online scam. The woman reported that she received an email from “Microsoft”   on the 12th of July saying she had to pay $750.00 for membership. The email continued that if she did not want to pay the $750.00 she was prompted to call a number which she did. The woman was convinced to allow the person she called to remotely access her computer. Once the computer was accessed the fraudster made a fake deposit into her account telling the woman $2000.00 had been deposited into her account. She was told to send a money order of $950.00 to a woman named Nancy Morrison. She then sent a money order as requested. The woman then checked her accounts and the money supposedly deposited was not there. The following day the lady received a call from someone purporting to be an investigator saying he was investigating the fraud that she recently fell victim to.  He told the woman he needed $350.00 to be sent by money order in order for her to get her money back which the woman did again. After mentioning the events to a family member the woman realized she has been a victim of fraud. Investigation revealed the money was sent to India. The phone calls indicated they were from Texas but the person was probably rerouting the phone call through the internet.  Port Hope Police advises everyone to be wary of this scam. Police remind residents not to answer suspicious emails. Never allow someone to remotely access computers and If unsure of the email and contents call Police to get some advice on the matter before acting.