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Media Release 08/08/2020



Port Hope resident scammed out of $200.00

Port Hope Police are asking residents to be wary of a gift card scam. On the 4th of August a Port Hope resident received an email from a person purporting to be an acquaintance. The email indicated the person was stranded on the road and needed help. He was asked to purchase two $100 gift cards and email the pin numbers back. The person did this and after determined the email was fraudulent and it was not the acquaintance but someone who was personating him.  Police advise residents if they get an email or a phone call from someone who they know requesting money because they are in trouble to not immediately send it. Stop; check out the information before acting. This type of scams plays on the “emergency assistance required now” scenario. Taking a few minutes to confirm the information will not change things. Other scams like this are called the grandparent scam or the emergency scam.

Theft from vehicles

Port Hope Police are reminding residents to lock their vehicles when not in use. On the 4th and 5th two incidents of thefts from vehicles were reported. On the 4th a Sanders Dr. resident had his truck rummaged through and small changed was stolen. On the 5th a John St resident had a bag stolen that contained a wallet and art materials. Locking the vehicle when not in use reduces the opportunity of a theft to occur.


Port Hope Police are investigating incidents of mischief where someone is throwing eggs at vehicles. Police received reports 5th and 7th of August in the Peacock Blvd, Arthur Mark Drive and King Street area. Anyone with information is asked to call Port Hope Police at 905-885-8123 ext 142 or email phps@phps.on.ca.


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