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Media Release June 5th 2020



Sexual Assault.  

A 52 year old Port Hope area man is facing charges after Port Hope Police commenced and investigation into a historical sexual assault. The victim is the man’s common law spouse. The allegations date back several years. Police arrested the man on the 1st of June and he is charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement. Police will not name the man to protect the identity of the victim.

Computer Scam.

Port Hope Police are warning residents to be aware of a computer scam. A Port Hope resident was on his computer when a pop up add appeared on his screen with a phone number to call to clear the ad. The man called the number and allowed the person to remotely gain access to his computer to clear the ad. He was then told he needed to pay a monthly fee to keep the computer free from virus.  The man contacted his bank and had his accounts frozen.  Police advise residents not to respond to pop up ads and never allow people to remotely take control off the computer. Police also advise if pop up ads appear to disconnect from the internet and turn the computer off.  It is also a good practice to change passwords frequently. Do not use pet names of birthdays in passwords.  

Drug charges.                           

A 24 year old man is facing charges under the provincial cannabis act and the controlled drugs and substances act. On the 4th of June just before 7:00am Port Hope Police were called to Brown Street after a witness saw a man sleeping in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. When Police arrived on scene they located a man in vehicle with the engine running.  Subsequent investigation revealed the man was in possession of a small quantity of a controlled drug and cannabis over the legal possession weight.  Brandon McMurtry is charged with possession of a controlled drug, possession of cannabis over 30grams, having care and control of a motor vehicle with cannabis open, having care and control of a motor vehicle with cannabis readily available.  He appears in court later in July.


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