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Media Releasd 10th March 2020


Two elderly persons recently targeted with scam attempts.

An elderly Port Hope Woman nearly fell victim to a phone scam. On the 4th of March the woman received a phone call from a person purporting to be a bank manager saying her accounts had been compromised and she needed to give $600.00 for her accounts to remain in good standing. The woman was directed to go get $600.00 in Google Play Cards. The woman went to a Petro Canada Gas Station to get the cards and an alert employee there told her it was probably a scam and did not sell her the cards. She returned home and notified Port Hope Police When officers attended they advised the woman it was in fact a scam. 

On March 6th 2020 another elderly Port Hope Woman was contacted this time someone saying they were with the CIA. She was advised her visa card had been compromised and needed to pay for it again in Google Play Cards. The woman declined but was coaxed into giver her visa card number. When the call was terminated she realized she had been scammed and contacted her bank who locked down her accounts and cards.

Port Hope Police continue to warn residents to be aware of these and other scams. Never give financial information over the phone to unknown person(s). Banks, Government institutions never ask for money to be paid back over the phone and especially with Google Play Cards or other forms. People with elderly family members are urged to discuss these scams with them. Scam Artists can be very convincing scaring people into acting. In these two cases the intended victims were lucky.   

Man Charged with Impaired Operation

A 52 year old Northumberland County Area man is charged with Impaired Operation of a Conveyance after Police were alerted to a vehicle parked at the McDonalds Restaurant on Rose Glen Rd. On the 7th of March shortly after 2:00am Port Hope Police were advised of this man and the possibility he was impaired. When Police Officers approached him they conducted an investigation into his ability to continue to operate a motor vehicle. Soon after the interaction with Police, the man was arrested for Impaired Operation. Peter Wallington stands accused and will appear in court later in March.




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