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COVID 19 SCAMS 01 April 2020


Covid-19 Scams


The Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre has released information on current scams occurring using the Covid 19 Pandemic.  The Port Hope Police Service is reminding residents to be wary  of these scams.

                                         Be Aware and do not become a victim.

Merchandise Scams

Upon review of the Merchandise reports, the CAFC has been receiving reports in which the suspects have claimed to be with Red Cross offering free masks. In order to receive the masks, consumers are advised that they are required to pay the shipping fee. The CAFC has yet to see any victims associated to this pitch so it’s unknown what kind of charges are placed on the victim’s credit card. The CAFC has also received a report in which the victim attempted to purchase a COVID test online. The victim paid via Paypal. The victim hasn’t received the product even though the company claims it’s been delivered.


Complainant’s have been receiving Phishing emails pretending to be linked to an Employment Insurance claim due to COVID 19 and that they are required to validate their information.

The CAFC has also been receiving reports claiming to be from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The email claims to provide an update on COVID 19 by going to the link provided. Reports show that these links have asked for personal information but may also contain malicious malware. 

Charity Scams

CAFC received a report from a consumer claiming to have received an email from WHO (World Health Organization). The email was asking for donations to fight COVID 19. Consumers are advised that they can make payments through the suspect’s secure digital wallet (we have yet to receive the wallet details).

 Survey Scam

The CAFC has received reports from consumers advising they were sent an email from Shoppers Drug Mart claiming they have qualified for a special offer if they complete a 30 second survey. This email claims it will help consumers “Survive the COVID 19”. The CAFC has yet to have any consumers go on the link so it’s currently unknown if the link asks for personal information or contains malicious malware.

 Extortion Scam

A review and update to CAFC reports revealed an Extortion Scam associated to COVID 19. In the report, the victim was advised that a package containing supposed COVID cure pills was sent to China using their name. The victim was advised that this was illegal and in order to not be in legal trouble, they would have to send money. A total of $66,130.00 cdn was sent overseas


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