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Friday's Update 19 June 2020



Theft from vehicle.

Port Hope Police remind residents to make sure their vehicles are locked when not in use. A Francis Street resident discovered her vehicle was ransacked on the 17th of June and small change and cigarettes were stolen. The owner believed the vehicle was locked however there were no signs of forced entry or damage to the vehicle. Police suggest making it a routine to ensure vehicles are locked prior to retiring for the evening.

Not so savvy thieves steal a parking meter.

Port Hope Police are investigating a theft of a parking meter from Johns Street. Police responded to the area shortly after 10pm the 18th of June when a witness reported people loading the meter into the back of a a black pick-up truck. The meter had been damage earlier as a result of being hit by a vehicle. The truck was seen leaving the area heading east on Augusta Street.  The pick-up truck had a black rack on the back with a light bar. Police feel the “not so savvy thieves” will not be rewarded as there has been free parking downtown since the pandemic started at the end of March.

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