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Stolen truck recovered in OPP area. Bell Scam adverted. Media Release 29 Jan 19


Truck stolen later recovered.

An east end resident warming up his truck while he was in his residence had it taken. Shortly after 6:00am on the 28th of January 2019 the gentleman started his 2014 Chevrolet Silverado to warm up. He went back in his residence and when he returned at 6:30 it was gone. Police searched the area and alerted area Police Agencies. Shortly after 5:00pm OPP located the vehicle running on Hawkins Road. It appeared to be abandoned. All the property was located in it and the truck appeared not to be damaged. The truck was towed to Port Hope Police Services for forensic examination and then returned to the owner.  Police suggest if warming the truck up separate the key from the fob and keep the doors locked. Most new vehicles have auto start systems that keep the vehicle locked while it is warming up.

Bell Scam

Port Hope Police are warning residents to be aware of an email scam purporting to be from Bell Canada. A Port Hope resident received an email on the 28th of January that had Bell Canada logos on it.  The email said his account was suspended and he was re-directed to another website to confirm his account. The man deleted the email and called Bell Canada to confirm this was a scam.  Police advised if these emails are received to delete them immediately. They are phishing scams. Here are some tips to indicate if the email is a scam.

  • The email is address to “Dear recipient” If it was from a company that had your account they would use your name.
  • Check for spelling mistakes. Legitimate messages from legitimate Brands do not have spelling mistakes in them.
  • Creation of a sense of urgency. They can create a sense of urgency by warning that your account has experienced suspicious activity or pretending to be someone you know who is in urgent need of financial help.

When in doubt contact your local Police Agency for assistance.