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Senior citizen thwarts scam attempt/Identity theft 15 July 2020


Attempt at tricking senior citizen in the grandchild scam falls flat.

A 96 year old grandmother thwarted efforts from scammers to defraud her of 3000.00. On the 13th of July the Port Hope woman received a phone call from someone saying her grandchild was hurt ad needed $3000.00.  They hit a break wall with this woman who refused to give the money and terminated the call. Port Hope Police remind residents to be wary of such scams.  In review when a call is received by a person purporting to be a relative announcing some emergency and wanting money;

  • Do not panic remain calm.
  • Do not send any money or give information.
  • Try to contact the person or another family member separately.
  • Think about the story does it make sense?
  • Call Police to assist.

These scammers play on the emergency theme to get people to react hastily. Taking a few minutes to think about things a few minutes will not change anything. Port Hope Police praise this grandmother for her tenacity.

Man gives S.I.N number in phone scam

On the 13th of July, a Port Hope man was contacted by someone purporting to be a Montreal Police Officer who stated he was a victim of a bank fraud and they needed his banking info and his social insurance number. The 67 year old resident did not know his banking info but unfortunately provided his social insurance number. The man was told to gather his banking information and the “officer” would call back. The man called Port Hope Police who advised him he was scammed and not to provide the banking information. The man’s S.I.N number has been flagged as compromised with CRA and Financial Institutions. Port Hope Police continue to advise residents never give personal information to people who call saying they are Police, or fraud investigators or financial representatives. Legitimate agencies do not operate in this fashion.



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