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Scams and bail violation Media Release



Scam attempts

A Port Hope resident reported to Port Hope Police regarding someone accessing his pay pal account and ordering merchandise. On the 15th of May the man was contacted by a Pay Pal representative looking for permission to put the payment through of $100.00. The merchandise was set to be shipped to Quebec. The man cancelled his account and the credit card attributed to it.

Another Port Hope resident received an email from an unfamiliar email address that stated the person had access to his Facebook password and if he did not send $2000.00 in bit coins the person threatened to post illicit videos saying them came from his lap top. The man reported this to Port Hope Police on the 18th of May and he did not send any funds.  This is a common scam and Police advise if people receive this email to delete it and change passwords to their Facebook and other social media. Port Hope Police also recommends changing passwords frequently and not to use dates of births or pet names in the password.

A Port Hope resident reported receiving two phone calls from someone reporting to be from the Canada Revenue Agency legal Department. The taped messages indicated that the person needed to respond or they will face legal action. The resident did not respond.  Port Hope Police remind residents to be wary of such calls and emails from the CRA and not to fall for the rouse.

Bail Violations

A 29 year old Curve Lake man was arrested on the 20th of May after Port Hope Police found him in breach of his release conditions for another matter.  The man was investigated in a motor vehicle when it was determined he was associating with someone he was under court order not to. The man was charged with two counts of failing to abide by the conditions of a release order and one count of breach of probation. He was held for a bail hearing. Jordan Bruce Somerville is accused.


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