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We protect and serve the citizens within the urban area of the Municipality of Port Hope. We do our best to ensure your safety and security.
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Bryant Wood - Chief of PoliceI would like to welcome you to the Port Hope Police Service's website. Here you will find links and other information such as our services to the public, crime prevention and our latest press releases to assist us to stay connected to our residents and visitors alike.

Our police officers and civilian support staff are very proud to provide excellent community-based policing services to this great Municipality. We work hard every day to ensure the safety and quality of day-to-day life expected by the citizens of Port Hope.



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Media Release 25 Sep 2020

Bail Violation charges laid.

A 53 year old Newcastle woman is facing charges after Port Hope Police received a complaint about her violating her release conditions. Police were advised that on the 20th and 21st of September VIA text messaging the woman made contact with and individual who resides in Port Hope whom she was to abstain from communicating with as a result of a non-related charge. The woman later turned herself into Police at the Port Hope Police Station and is charged with two counts of failing to comply with an undertaking.  No Names will be released.  She appears in Court in later in November.

Ganaraska River Restrictions

As a result of the access to the Ganaraska River restrictions Port Hope Police continue to enforce the Municipal By-Law placed into effect by Port Hope Council.  Since September 1st Port Hope Police officers have conducted 114.5 hours  of patrols along the river and have issued 61 by-law infractions.  There have been 5 charges laid under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 87 By-law complaints and officers have issued a number of warnings. The access to the river restrictions which effect the Fish Ladder south to the River’s mouth are in place until mid-October at which time Port Hope Council will revisit the issue.

Police and Fire “Chief’s Challenge”

On the 23rd of September Port Hope Police Chief Bryant Wood and Port Hope Fire Chief Ryan Edgar squared off in the “Chief’s Challenge” in support of Cornerstone Family Violence Centre as part of the Walk a Mile in her shoes Campaign. Because of Covid 19 restrictions the annual walk a mile in her shoes was cancelled and all agencies were challenged to come up with a virtual walk or something that would keep Covid 19 recommendations of crowding down. The two Chiefs along with Deputy Chiefs competed in a timed event, one was fire related and one was police related.  The fire event had all officers run a series of timed skills that firefighters deal with on a daily basis. The Police event had officers drive a cruiser around the Police Facility and arrest an escaped prisoner. The further challenge during these events was the officers had to wear red high heeled shoes. The competition ended in a donut eating contest. The Police Chief and Deputy Chief slightly edged the Fire Service in the Fire event and the Fire Chief and Deputy Chief took a slight lead in the Police event. The overall winner was Cornerstone Family Violence Centre. People wishing to donate can do so on line at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/walk-a-mile-chiefs-challenge/


Image courtesy of Cornerstone Family Violence Centre




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