Community Partners

As part of the Port Hope Police Service 2012-2014 Business Plan, the Consultation section of the Plan identified Community Partners who, by the services they provide, are very important partners for the Police Service to work with in achieving our service delivery goals.

In this section, you are introduced to and have a direct link to the programs and services these community partners have with our Service and the communities they serve.

Cornerstone logo

Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre is breaking the cycle of family violence by providing immediate shelter, counselling and prevention services throughout Northumberland County.

Rebound logo

Rebound Child & Youth ServicesNorthumberland offers unique skill-based, positive mentoring and justice system diversion programs throughout the County of Northumberland. These programs and services are designed to provide cognitive, social skill development and behavioural modification including case management, while engaging in services.

Kinark logo

Caring, helping, healing - so children and youth can live socially and emotionally healthy lives.

Highland Shores logo

Protect. Care. Empower. These are the words that embody the philosophy and goals of Highland Shores Children's Aid. First and foremost, we will protect and care for children and youth in need in the counties of Hastings and Northumberland, while at the same time empowering children and families to be all they can be through various means of educational support.

Peterborough & Northumberland Victim Services

From infants to the elderly, violence affects people of all stages of live. Every day across Peterborough and Northumberland Counties, victims of crime and tragedy struggle to overcome the personal impact of homicide, domestic and sexual assault, theft and fraud, sudden death, criminal harassment, assault, fire, and motor vehicle accidents. Agencies like ours seek to help rebalance the negative impacts of violence by empowering and supporting victims on their journey to recovery.

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