Community Service

The Port Hope Police Service is committed to providing a full range of community service programs Cst. Gerry Marino, the appointed Community Services Officer, continues to provide services that were once provided by patrol officers, in addition to new programs.

Police officer in front of car

In order to assist the Community Liaison Officer, a Dodge Charger was obtained through the assistance of Lakeridge Chrysler. The vehicle allows the officer to attend all required community functions, school visits and other events while still displaying the community spirit and community programs provided in a non-enforcement environment.

One of the most important components of our community service programs involves area public and separate schools. The following programs are conducted in each of the schools:

  • Canada Safety Council sponsored Elmer the Safety
  • Elephant Traffic Safety and Anti-Bullying Program
  • School Bus Safety                                           
  • Halloween Safety
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Values Influences and Peers or VIP

The VIP Program is presented to students in grade 6. It includes lectures on why laws and rules exist and the moral expectations of society. Students are then introduced to the dangers of use and abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. The Program also includes lectures on vandalism, shoplifting, bullying and internet use. These lectures center on the choices we all have and the consequences of our choices. Other agencies play an important role in the VIP program in addition to the police. For instance, personnel from the Probation and Parole office conduct a lecture on the youth and the law.  Personnel from The Brookside Youth Correction Facility speak to students about the life of an inmate.

The program concludes with a graduation ceremony where passing students receive a diploma and a keepsake such as a T-shirt or medallion.

Adopt A Cop is another program the officers perform with the schools in mind. Officers within the Port Hope Police Service "adopt" a local school. Each officer will visit his or her school on an informal basis. Sometimes just to have a coffee with the teachers in the staff room, shoot some hoops with the kids in the yard, or just to take a walk through the school and grounds.

The senior grade schools, high school, and private schools all have programs covering drug awareness and youth and the law. The schools at this level run the programs themselves but have the benefit of calling the community service unit for assistance or lectures.

Lectures at the community level are handled on a request basis. These lectures include talks on Crime Proofing Homes, Senior Citizen Scams, Being Safe in the Public, and Women's Safety and Internet Safety.

The community service programs conducted by the Port Hope Police Service are all examples of how committed the police service is in keeping the citizens of Port Hope informed and educated.

Should you or your group require the need of the community services unit, please contact the Port Hope Police Service to consult with Cst. Gerry Marino.

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