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The Port Hope Police Service patrols the Municipality of Port Hope (Ward 1) being an area of 12.97 square kilometers.  Ward 1 is the urban portion of the Municipality. The Service serves a population of approximately 15,300 citizens (2013).

Big Bike Team Photo 2014The Port Hope Police Service employs 23 sworn police officers. This number includes the Chief of Police, Inspector, a S/Sgt, 4 Patrol Sergeants, 12 patrol officers, 1 community services officer, and a Criminal Investigations Unit which includes 1 Detective Sergeant, 1 Detective Constable and 2 Constables seconded for the Skills Augmentation program.  The Service employs 1 part-time escort/court security officer. There are 14 civilians who provide support services such as Financial Controller (1), Court Services (2), Freedom of Information (1), Screening Department (5). As a full service Police Agency, the Port Hope Police Service presently has a Uniform Patrol Unit, Criminal Investigations Unit, Community Service Unit, Forensic Identifications Unit and support staff to complement them.  If and when more specific expertise is required such as a K-9 Unit, Air Support Unit or Emergency Response Team, the Port Hope Police Service has entered into mutual aid agreements with neighbouring agencies such as Durham Regional Police, OPP and Peterborough Lakefield Police Service.

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Organization Chart


 2014 Organization Chart

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